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So, I went to a Fiber Sale in Oregon City on Saturday, and got LOTS of goodies!  I can’t wait to get them all spun up!  Here’s a taste of what I got, more pictures will be available to view at my spinning group’s blog, Spinning in Circles.

 Also, I want to shout out to my boyfriend Matthew who took these beautiful pictures for me!  You can see more of his things here.

These are some Targhee wool locks that I got off of  Very nice, it will be spun in the grease, but it should be a fun experience!

Targhee Wool Locks 2

This is Coopworth wool, I’ve spun just about half.  There was 8 oz, so I’m guessing the skein in this photo will be about 4 oz.  Not sure what to do with this one yet, I was thinking of a shawl.  It has some VM in it still, and bits of hay and grass, but I should be able to pick it out as I knit.

Coopworth Wool 2

This blend is 2/3 Shetland wool and 1/3 Merino wool, and OMG it is soooo soft!  It’s absolute heaven to the touch and I can’t wait to see how it spins up.  There are 8 oz per bag that I got for $8.50.  This color way is Amethyst and the other colorway is Sea Mist which is a lovely heathery green.

Shetland/Merino Wool

Shetland/Fine Wool

And then there was a fantastic booth from Estacada that I got some gorgeous lamb locks from.  1 oz for $1, not too bad for dyed lamb locks.  I was thinking about coming the colors together.  This booth also had really great reference books about different sheep breeds, and it came with actual locks from each breed!  My friend picked up each of the 4 volumes.  Can’t wait to study those! 

Lamb Locks

I have also finished my Ribbed Lace Bolero!  It’s really cute, but it has to be worn with just the right thing, or it might look a bit funny.  So this summer when I have a cute outfit to sport it on, I’ll post some pics.  I am working on a matching ribbed lace hat to match out of the left over yarn, so I’ll be posting that soon!