Slow Goin’

It’s been slow goin’ lately.  Haven’t really done anything productive.  I’ve been working on the quilt on the gammill every now and again.  I was stuck for a while because I wasn’t sure what to put in the orange triangles.  But after looking through some patterns, I free handed this design.

Triangle Pattern

I have gotten past the Gussett on my sock as well!

Sock Gussett Done

And I finished the Goomba Hat from

Goomba Hat

I also went to the beach over the weekend, but I’ll post pictures of that later on.  Time to head off to work now.


Not much goin’ on. . .

Well, not much has been going on lately.  I’ve been busy with work.  I have another quilt on the gammill though.  It’s from Arrin Turnmire’s Chutes and Ladders collection.


And a close up. . .

Quilt 2

I also started the Goomba Hat pattern from a ravelryer. . .raveler. . .however you want to say it.  I only have the ribbing half way done so far though.

Goomba Hat Rib

I also started another fair isle hat with some Ultra Alpaca yarn.  Mmmm. . . I love the stitch markers too.  It makes it look so much prettier.

Fair Isle Hat

Stitch Marker