Second Prize has NOT been claimed. Onto another ticket!

There was a mistake on my part. I thought someone had the second ticket, but it was a false alarm! So this ticket number is for the second prize, the 8 oz of fiber! And after this there is still one more prize!

And the number is. . . 7918255

You have 3 days to contact me at


If you have been following the raffle but have not won a prize, please hang on to your ticket! If you visit my Etsy shop and purchase anything between now and June 30, I will give you 15% off your item! Just enter your raffle ticket code into the notes to seller at checkout and I will refund you the difference via paypal.

Again, thank you so much for playing!

^_^ Melissa
Melissa’s Kre8tions



I’m doing a raffle and here’s the scoop:

What?: A raffle to promote my Etsy shop and collect money to try and jump start my small business endeavors.

Where?: Online! If you will be one of the lucky recipients of a Phat Fiber sampler box for April and get one of my samples, you will receive a complimentary raffle ticket! If you do not receive a ticket and would like one, they may be purchased for $.25 a piece or 5 for $1.00. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, you may either convo me in my Etsy shop, or e-mail me at mhiester AT gmail DOT com.

When?: The raffle begins now and the last day to purchase tickets will be May 15th. The first drawing will be held on May 16th. The winner will have three days to claim their prize. If they do not claim their prize within three days, I will draw another ticket until all of the prizes have been claimed. I will announce the drawings on my blog starting May 16th with the number from each raffle ticket.

Other Important Information: There are only 80 tickets available, and 50 of those tickets went into the Phat Fiber boxes. If you would like to purchase some tickets, do so quickly! Please make sure to hang on to your tickets because they are not replaceable!

Now, onto the good stuff. What can you win? There will be 3 prizes and they will be drawn as follows:

The first prize is a handmade Business Card/ID Card wallet with a magnetic snap closure. This cute business card wallet was made by me and designed by Michelle of Keyka Lou Patterns. More wallets are also available for sale in my shop. The design is Alexander Henry’s Tillbrook collection featuring toadstools and flowers.

Business Card Wallet

The second prize is a hand carded batt in colorway “Unicorn”. This batt is a mixture of Falkland Wool, 100% Superfine Purple Heathered Merino Wool, and firestar for added glitz. This batt is very soft and dreamy. There is a total of 4 oz.

Unicorn Blended Batts

And the final prize will be a hand spun skein of yarn. The exact content is unknown, however it is wool. This is a 2-ply skein and very soft. It is teal plied with white and weighs approximately 3 oz. There are about 130 yards.

Hand Spun Teal and White

If you have any questions about the items or the raffle in general, please e-mail or convo me through Etsy. Thank you and goodluck! ^_^

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March Phat Fiber and Etsy Sneak Peaks

I thought I would give you a sneak peak of the upcoming March Phat Fiber box and the samples that you might be lucky enough to receive! Enjoy!
March Phat Fiber Samples
March Phat Fiber Samples


Closeup of 'Mini Roving Batts'
Closeup of 'Mini Roving Batts'


Here is a closeup of my hand spun samples
Here is a closeup of my hand spun samples


Hand Spun Samples from Melissa's Kre8tions
Hand Spun Samples from Melissa's Kre8tions