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Vintage Pattern Series: Advance 7965

Second up in the VPS (Vintage Pattern Series), we have:

Advance 7965

Size: 14
Bust: 32
Copyright: Unknown


“SEW EASY” DRESS . . . ONLY FOUR PATTERN PIECES . . . Bodice Front and Back. . . Skirt Front and Back. Short sleeve and wide pointed collar in one with bodice sections and seamed at shoulders. Collar frames deep V-neckline. Flaring circle skirt has only four seams to sew. . . pleat at side fronts gives added fullness. Center front zipper, novelty belt, ribbon tie at back neck.


I can just see my grandmother wearing this dress, even if I don’t have any pictures. This is one of my very favorite patterns. I love everything about it. I love the ease of the construction, how the collar is incorporated right into the bodice pieces. I love how there are only four pieces to cut! (Cutting is not one of my most favorite things.) And I adore the dress itself! This pattern shows a zipper down the front and a tie in back, along with a belt to accessorize.

Notice how they are wearing white gloves? I’m so thankful that I picked up these white gloves at the antique booth at my local Saturday Market. If I can ever resize this pattern to fit me, the gloves would be perfect with this dress! ^_^

I can’t seem to find the copyright date printed on the pattern, so I’m not sure of the date. My best guess would be late 40’s though. If you know, please leave me a comment or e-mail me! ^_^ I’d love to find out!

*Please note that the patterns posted in the VPS are not for sale. These were my grandmother’s vintage patterns am I am sharing them because I have a love of sewing, vintage patterns, and the memory of my grandmother. ^_^ Thx.*

A Quickie

There has been a lot that I want to blog about, but I have to finish my homework first. . . and it might take me a while. Statistics for Hypotheses. . .arg.
Anyway, I wanted to share a few things with you, but since I don’t have time for a proper post, I’ll just post some pictures with brief captions. So here we go. . .  

I bought these at the local Saturday Market antique booth for $5!


My Mini Moo cards came in the mail today! I designed them myself, not bad for a first try but they can only improve!


A got a scrapbag from Keykalou Patterns the other day and can't wait to dig into these beauties!


The piece de resistance! Two boxes full of my grandmother's vintage sewing patterns!


After I wade through all of my homework, I will post more in depth about these topics, so stay tuned! ^_^