Yoga Bag

I have just started to take Yoga classes and have been thinking about the best way to carry my mat to class with me. So far I have it narrowed down to two options, knit or sewn. The first picture is a free downloadable pattern from Amy Butler called the Nigella Yoga Bag. It looks promising and I can tailor it to include a cellphone pocket, and maybe a pocket for bottled water.

The other option is a felted yoga bag from the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I saw a picture of this made out of malabrigo and it was inspiring. Here is a different picture to give you an idea.

Courtesy of Upandatom from Ravelry

I’m really looking forward to making one of these after school ends. I will be graduating with my Bachelors in Business at the end of May. That will give me some time to find my yarn or fabric.
I would love to hear from you on what you would do or have done with a yoga bag!


VPS: McCall 6523

McCall 6523
Misses’ Blouse
Size 14
Bust 32
Copyright 1946


This is one of the older patterns from the box. The outer envelope is very worn, the directions are missing, but it seems that most of the pattern pieces are present. This blouse is a very traditional style with short and long sleeve versions.

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VPS: Butterick 7455

Butterick 7455
Blouse & Jumper/Skirt
Size: 14
Bust: 32
Copyright: Unknown – 1950’s Info: 

Blouse with wing collar and cuffs, buttoned front. Princess style jumper with
gored skirt. Can be worn with or without blouse. Standout, gored skirt. 



The possibilities with this pattern are adorable! Offering three different pieces to mix and match and add to any wardrobe. Blouse with Jumper, Blouse with Skirt, or Jumper alone. This is such an adorable jumper, I hope I learn to resize very soon so that I can try my hand at this pattern! ^_^ 

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VPS: The American Weekly 9262

Along with the other patterns in my grandmother’s stash, I found several of these patterns published by The American Weekly. They were mailed to her. According to this website, the information in the metered postage says that this pattern is from the 1950’s, but no specific year was given. It seems that a popular way for homemakers to order patterns back then was through mail orders in magazines. Other popular designers of the era included Marian Martin and Anne Adams. There really aren’t that many great pattern history websites out there, this is the only one I was able to dig up so far, but I’ll keep looking. If you have a favorite place to get info on old patterns, please leave me a comment and let me know! Now, onto the pattern.

The American Weekly 9262
Blouse and Jumper
Size: 14
Copyright: Unknown


Not much information given on pattern. No description of garments. A total of 12 printed pattern pieces, 6 for the blouse and 6 for the jumper. Only information really given introduces “new improved printed pattern.” Postage on envelope says 1 1/2 cents. . .but no date. Pattern belonged to a Carol Kurilo and seemed to have been leant to Alice. Above “American Weekly” on envelope, it reads, “contents-merchandise postmaster: this parcel may be opened for postal inspection if necessary, return poatage guaranteed.” And yes, poatage was typed on the envelope.

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VPS: Advance 6723

VPS: Advance 6723

Dress and Bolero
Size: 14
Bust: 32
Copyright: Unknown – Early 50’s? 


 Misses’ Dress and Bolero: Princess Sundress with pointed top front and back
and shoulder bands tying into bows-Pockets in side seams-Back zipper closing
-Wide sweep to flare at hemline. (View 1) Dress and Bolero-All one fabric.
(View 2) Dress with contrast bolero in stripes or contrast the color to plain
or print dress.



Another gorgeous dress! This one is a sundress with a bolero jacket. Perfect for a day on the town without the bolero or a social gathering or evening engagement with the bolero. I adore the shape this dress gives, the full skirt and fitted bodice. Notice again, the white gloves. Boy, I’m glad I picked mine up at that vintage booth for $5! ^_^ I still have yet to score some vintage shoes that fit.

Some pictures that will be coming soon are: My grandmother’s vintage wedding shoes, a Singer Skirt Marker, a few hats and clutches, a vintage suitcase, and a vintage black cocktail dress! All of these were in my grandmother’s possession, but I believe that some of them may have belonged to her mother.

Stay tuned! ^_^

*Please note that the patterns posted in the VPS are not for sale. These were my grandmother’s vintage patterns am I am sharing them because I have a love of sewing, vintage patterns, and the memory of my grandmother. ^_^ Thx.*