And now for the homespun!

I have been frequenting the ‘ol spinning wheel quite a bit the last few days.  Ever since our first spinning group met on Saturday the 23rd, I can’t seem to get spinning off the brain.  I have two and a half skeins ready to be dyed, one and a half bobbins full of beautiful pre-dyed roving, and two skeins waiting to be liberated from their coils and knit into something fab.  I have knit up one of my very first navajo plyed skeins up though.  Their new body is a pair of fingerless mits.  So pretty.  So far, all I have spun with is Merino and Corriedale.  The Merino is in the fingerless mits, as well as the two dyed skeins, and the corriedale are the two blank skeins and the pre dyed roving.  Well, enough of the talk, time for pictures.

These are my fingerless gloves.  They will be first since they are made from the oldest of the skeins.

Fingerless Mits

And next comes the sister skein of the mits.  I spun and dyed this lot at the same time, but the colors are more vibrant because they got more time in the cooker.

Blue Green Skein

And now for the Kool Aid dyed skein.  It’s done in Cherry, only one pack, however if I had it to do over, I would definately use two for a brighter color.

Cherry Skein

Onto the undyed Skeins.  Lovely pure yarn.  I’m still trying to get the hang of spinning smaller, but these are definately getting close.

Blank Skeins 1

And a close up of the blanks.

Blank Skeins 2

And last but not least, my baby.  The Ashford Joy, double treadle, with some lovely dyed roving on it.

Ashford Joy

And a close up of my even smaller spun yarn.

Predyed Bobbin

The end.  😀  Enjoy!


Cookies, Homespun, and Yarn Dyeing, Oh My!

Let the fun begin!  I started the day off with some cookies.  They are Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip. . .okay, I cheated and bought a tube of it, which only made 10 cookies, but each one was delicious.


Then I took my Homespun yarn off my wheel and wound it onto my niddy noddy.

Niddy Noddy Homespun

I prepared my Landscapes dye, turquoise and purple.

Landscapes Dye

I washed my yarn with Soak.

Washing Yarn with Soak

I layed out some newspaper, then a towel, then some syran (sp?) wrap, my yarn, and my dyes, and then I prayed and prepared to dye.

Prepare to Dye

I squirted those dye bottles like there was no tomorrow, leaving no piece of yarn undyed.  Then I rolled up the yarn in the wrap, and prepared to steam.


In my steaming adventures, I accidently walked away for too long, and my water had steamed all away, and my pot sort of melted to my burner. . .make sure there is plenty of water and never, never walk away.  All was well, except my yarn didn’t steam for the proper 20-30 minutes like it was supposed to.  But, never the less, it still came out pretty well.

Dyed Yarn

And then I expiremented with Kool-Aid dyeing.  It turned out to be much simpler, although my fingers are much more stained.

Kool-Aid Prep

Same basic steps.  Wash yarn in mild soapy water, dye yarn (this time by submerging in water with kool aid and microwaving), rinse and dry.

Kool-Aid Homespun

And voila!  More pictures to come once the yarn has dryed.