Goorin Hats

On a recent trip to Portland with my friends, we stumbled into a hat shop called Goorin Bros. They had walls full of hats. It was so much fun to look at all of them and try them on. I had absolutely no intentions of purchasing a hat, but after trying this one on, I couldn’t resist! If you are in the Portland, OR area, you should definitely check it out!

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Ren Faire Costume and Other Musings.

So, I went to a Renaissance Faire this weekend. I’ve been attending for 7 years now. I love it! There are so many great activites and wonderful people. My favorite part is dressing up. I made my own costume this year. (My mother had made my previous two.) I only got half of it finished, however. I made the outer shell, but the underdress came from a second hand store. I’m planning on wearing this costume for Halloween as well, but need to finish the underdress.

This is the pattern that I started with. There was much altering that needed to be done to get it to look the way I had pictured in my mind.

Ren Dress Pattern

I used view A and left off the sleeves because I mostly didn’t want them, but also because I didn’t have enough fabric. I also did not have the trim go all the way down the front of the dress. I didn’t really care about the trim, but before I read through the entire pattern to see how it was constructed, I wasn’t able to easily go back and fix the raw edges that the trim covers. So, here is what the finished dress ended up like.

My Ren Costume


This isn’t the best picture of me. . .but when I took my camera with me, I neglected to make sure there was an SD card in it. 😦 I had a little internal memory, and was able to take a few pictures, however I cannot find my camera cable to extract said photos. Once I find that, I will post a few better pictures of the costume. But all in all, you get the main idea. *UPDATE* I have found my cord and this IS the updated picture. . .well, better than nothing I suppose. ^_^*

I have also recently been knitting on Ysolda’s Snapdragon Tam. It’s GORGEOUS! I love the pattern and the color. I decided to use Malabrigo Worsted in Sunset. I adore this yarn, and the Tam looks great with it!

Snapdragon Tam

The background in this picture is the quilt that I recently put together. It’s a collection of Anna Maria Horner and Tina Givens fabrics. I just did giant 14″ blocks, alternating light and darks. I had four fabrics total and have plenty left over for some accent pillows, (if I ever get around to them . . .). I quilted it on my mother’s longarm with a pantograph and teal-blue thread. It’s so pretty! ^_^

My Quilt

My Quilt 2

And now it is laying happily upon my bed. Though there is not enough drape on the sides, there is plenty of length. It almost touches the floor at the foot of my bed and still has enough for a tuck! I have a Queen size bed and this quilt measures approximately 80×108. I should have added at least one more row on the width, but it’s lovely just the same.

And then, just when I thought I couldn’t cram any more onto my Ashford Joy’s bobbin, I go and cram a little more. Poor wheel. I work this thing to death, but it still shows me love. This was some blue faced leceister that I wanted to get spun up. It’s so soft and scrumptious. I love it.

Joy is full

Full Bobbin

My boyfriend is gone for three months to train for a new position he is taking. If all goes well, we will be moving to the ‘big city’ to be close to his work. While he’s away, I have been trying to find things to keep myself busy. (Like that is hard to do. . . ^_^) So I’ve been finishing up on some of these projects, as well as starting way too many new ones. On the books for the coming few weeks, I will be attending Oregon Flock and Fiber in Canby. This will be year 3. Can’t wait to find some fibery goodness to feed the addiction. I have a few classes to teach at the quilt shop, and some store samples to get through. I have three bags and a long jacket to do. As soon as I can get myself a little better organized, I will be posting some, hopefully, regular updates on my progress.

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Well. . .it’s been a while since my last post, and I really have no excuse for it.  I apologize.  But I’m here now, and here’s the latest.  (Links are to Ravelry, so if you don’t have an account, get one.  It is the best site ever.)

On my needles:  I have my first sweater!  I cast Wicked on a few days ago in Dream in Color’s Classy Happy Forest.  I only have two rows due to having to frog back to the beginning after discovering I was off on my count and my crossover stitches were in the wrong spots. . . ^o^  Anyway, hopefully I’ll have some time to myself with it later on today.

On my wheel:  I have some Corriedale dyed in reds, roses, pinks, and tans.  I bought a pound of it for an excellent deal!  (It was *slightly* felted from sun exposure, but with some TLC it spins up very nicely.)  So I sectioned it into three long bits, and will 3-ply it onto itself.  I have one bobbin done, two to go.  It’s such a nice day out, maybe I will be able to work on that too!  . . .ambitious, aren’t I?

On my mind:  My latest obsession is with buttons.  I don’t know what started it. . .oh wait, yes I do know.  It was Ysolda’s Verity.  After knitting it up, I was searching for just the right button to put on it.  In my search, I came across several good candidates.  Discovering one button inparticular that I really liked, I couldn’t let the others go.  So I got them.  And I love them.  But I don’t know what exactly will become of them.  I’m sure I will find some use for them, but for now, they will go into my newly formed button stash.  ^_^

So, that’s the latest.  I’ll try to post more when there’s more.


Ysolda’s Verity

So, if any of you have been following my blog from the beginning, you would know that I am an avid balker, (blog stalker), and that one of my very favorite blogs belongs to designer Ysolda Teague.  Well, I have recently visited her site and after being able to no longer resist her patterns decided to purchase Verity

This wonderful leafy beret hat is sooo gorgeous!  I absolutley adore the quality of the pattern and the finished result.  After staying up until 1 am the first night and 2 am the second, I finished this wonderful work of art and strolled into work, (which just so happens to be a quilt/knit shop), and showed off my *cough* Ysolda’s, masterpiece.  It was a hit!  Everyone loved it!  I had girls swarm me to try it on.  And one asked me how much I wanted for it. . .lol.  Silly girls, this is mine.  Knit your own.  ^_^ 

So without further ado, I am pleased to introduce, my Verity beret!

Knit from the beautiful Dream in Color yarn in the wonderous colorway Happy Forest, this beret screams bohemian chic.  And how could you resist the oh so pretty Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher also knit from Dream in Color’s Classy in colorway Ruby River?  These two yarns, and patterns, compliment each other so well, I felt like I was the epitimy of knit high fashion.  I have yet to post a modeled photo of the bolero, and still have yet to actually pose for it, but maybe you can get a sense with a self portrait of the beauty that is bolero.


Ribbed Lace Hat

So I made my ribbed lace hat to match my ribbed lace bolero that I made from a pattern at  I love it!  It fits really well and I used the same yarn as my bolero, Dream in Color Classy in Ruby River.  Here are a few pictures!  I improvised this design, but I might put it up later if there is any interest.

Ribbed Lace HatRibbed Lace Hat 2

Ribbed Lace Hat 3 

And that’s my hat!  I’ll post some bolero pics soon. . .I have to find the right outfit first.  😉  I think I’ll try to finish up some UFO’s before I begin anything else though.