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Hey, check out my blogspot on Phat Fiber! She does such a wonderful job writing about everyone’s samples, I feel so privelged to have such a wonderful blogspot.


Fiber Saturday at the Studio

On the fiber front, Shel let us rummage through her studio this weekend and use her equipment.  I have to admit there was much fiber fondling, but it is no use to resist when in such an enabling environment.  There were mounds upon mounds of fabulous fiber and equipment in every corner!  I couldn’t even count the spinning wheels if I tried.

This is one of her many, many fleeces.  It was gorgeous, though I cannot recall the name of it.

Here is the beauty that is STASH.  So jealous. . .

Shel and Mo doin’ their thing.  (This picture doesn’t even do her studio justice.  Sooo many other cool things.  Not enough time for all of it.)

So, here’s the FWP, (Fleece Washing Process).  First, you have the fleece.  Next, wash it per whatever directions suit your needs.  Let it dry, dry, dry!  It would be very dissapointing to discover a moldy fleece!  And if you are so lucky as to know someone so kind as to let you use all of the equipment at her disposal, then you would be using a Picker such as this:

This lovely piece of machinery takes the fleece in its lock form and opens it up like a big cloudy of fluffy goodness and gets rid of some of the debris along the way.  Thus aptly named the “picker” for picking out the nasties.  This step thusly results in this mass of fluff:

That mass belongs to Michele, Sue’s and mine was a white color.  See how wonderfully full it is?  Next would be the drum carder. . .mmmm, drum carders. . . *drool*  This expensive yet very functional piece of machinery is a must for any fiber producing fool.  This made the carding of the wool so quick!

And so after Sue and I had carded our fleece, we rolled our batts into little logs that looked something like this:

Can’t wait to spin this fibery goodness.  After being in Shel’s studio, I was inspired to do some washing and carding of my own.  Of course my facilities aren’t nearly as nice nor do I have anywhere near the resources, but I made do.  My green Targhee locks that I bought from Etsy.

Then on to the hand carders. . .so much work. . .

And so that concludes our FWP for today.  Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to leave those wonderful comments or suggestions!


Knitting · Spinning

FIBER, fiber, and more. . .fiber.

Wow. . .it has been a long day.  There is nothing better than a day out with the girls, the wind in our hair, and our fiber falling out of the trunk of the car.  My spinning group went to Aurora today to visit the Fibre Sale that was going on, and boy did we find some finds. 

We started by walking around, searching high and low for good deals.  We walked the whole floor before any money was exchanged, though there were mental lists forming.  The first of my purchases was at a wonderful and colorful booth.

Sue and I found a wonderful deal!  We found a 5 lb ?Romney? fleece for $20!  So we split the cost, and will go through the process of washing/carding/and spinning it soon.

Mo found a spinning wheel that she left with.  It’s going to be a great wheel for her to ply long lengths of yarn onto.

We completely filled the car to the brim!  It was so squished by the time we left, we barely all fit!

But we did have to make a stop at Pacific Wool and Fiber in Dundee, and they were actually open this time!  So many times we have stopped during their business hours and they have been closed.  But we found some great fibers.

As soon as we got back to town, we unloaded the car.  It was so full, things were bursting out!

So we went up to the third floor of the Boersma’s building and set up camp.  Everyone had their wheels out, and we finally got Maria on her feet.  She was so excited, as were we all!

And so, that brings this adventure to a close.  Until next time, and next post, Au Revoir!


Knitting · Spinning


So, I went to a Fiber Sale in Oregon City on Saturday, and got LOTS of goodies!  I can’t wait to get them all spun up!  Here’s a taste of what I got, more pictures will be available to view at my spinning group’s blog, Spinning in Circles.

 Also, I want to shout out to my boyfriend Matthew who took these beautiful pictures for me!  You can see more of his things here.

These are some Targhee wool locks that I got off of  Very nice, it will be spun in the grease, but it should be a fun experience!

Targhee Wool Locks 2

This is Coopworth wool, I’ve spun just about half.  There was 8 oz, so I’m guessing the skein in this photo will be about 4 oz.  Not sure what to do with this one yet, I was thinking of a shawl.  It has some VM in it still, and bits of hay and grass, but I should be able to pick it out as I knit.

Coopworth Wool 2

This blend is 2/3 Shetland wool and 1/3 Merino wool, and OMG it is soooo soft!  It’s absolute heaven to the touch and I can’t wait to see how it spins up.  There are 8 oz per bag that I got for $8.50.  This color way is Amethyst and the other colorway is Sea Mist which is a lovely heathery green.

Shetland/Merino Wool

Shetland/Fine Wool

And then there was a fantastic booth from Estacada that I got some gorgeous lamb locks from.  1 oz for $1, not too bad for dyed lamb locks.  I was thinking about coming the colors together.  This booth also had really great reference books about different sheep breeds, and it came with actual locks from each breed!  My friend picked up each of the 4 volumes.  Can’t wait to study those! 

Lamb Locks

I have also finished my Ribbed Lace Bolero!  It’s really cute, but it has to be worn with just the right thing, or it might look a bit funny.  So this summer when I have a cute outfit to sport it on, I’ll post some pics.  I am working on a matching ribbed lace hat to match out of the left over yarn, so I’ll be posting that soon! 


Aurora Colony Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase

Today my spinning group and I went to the Aurora Colony Museum’s Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase.  It was so great to see all of the antique wheels in operation and all of the wonderful ladies spinning on them.  There was so much history throughout the buildings and I even got some fiber!  Here are a few pictures.

This one is of Sheila.  She is part of our spinning group and was participating in this event.

Sheila Spinning

This is a walking wheel, though this woman is sitting down.  I’m not sure exactly what all of the parts are called, but it was a truely inspiring site.

Walking Wheel

Some Llama’s that were visiting the museum.  They were gorgeous and oh so soft!


This woman is shearing an Angorra rabbit.  Though I was told you should never use scissors to do this.  There is a proper way, though I am not one to say how it should be done, as I have never done it.

Shearing Rabbits

Our group had such a great time!  We’re going on another adventure next week to a Spring Fiber Sale in Oregon City.  Can’t wait!  Until next time!

*Update: March 2009*

I have another post about this year’s Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase. You can view it by going here.