Aurora Colony Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase

Today my spinning group and I went to the Aurora Colony Museum’s Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase.  It was so great to see all of the antique wheels in operation and all of the wonderful ladies spinning on them.  There was so much history throughout the buildings and I even got some fiber!  Here are a few pictures.

This one is of Sheila.  She is part of our spinning group and was participating in this event.

Sheila Spinning

This is a walking wheel, though this woman is sitting down.  I’m not sure exactly what all of the parts are called, but it was a truely inspiring site.

Walking Wheel

Some Llama’s that were visiting the museum.  They were gorgeous and oh so soft!


This woman is shearing an Angorra rabbit.  Though I was told you should never use scissors to do this.  There is a proper way, though I am not one to say how it should be done, as I have never done it.

Shearing Rabbits

Our group had such a great time!  We’re going on another adventure next week to a Spring Fiber Sale in Oregon City.  Can’t wait!  Until next time!

*Update: March 2009*

I have another post about this year’s Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase. You can view it by going here.