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VPS: Advance 5057

Advance 5057
Size: 16
Bust: 34
Hip: 37
Copyright: Unknown – Late 40’s? 


This pattern has no description printed on the envelope, or in the instructions. There are no printed lines, or words on the pieces. There are letters stamped out of circles on each one. This pattern does include instructions for making a fabric belt. 



I really like this dress. The color is so elegant, and the full skirt. . . well you know how I feel about full skirts. Yum. ^_^ I like both sleeve versions but would say that the 3/4 length sleeves are my favorite. I also like that this pattern includes instructions for making a belt. Can’t wait to give this one a go someday.

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VPS: Butterick 7455

Butterick 7455
Blouse & Jumper/Skirt
Size: 14
Bust: 32
Copyright: Unknown – 1950’s Info: 

Blouse with wing collar and cuffs, buttoned front. Princess style jumper with
gored skirt. Can be worn with or without blouse. Standout, gored skirt. 



The possibilities with this pattern are adorable! Offering three different pieces to mix and match and add to any wardrobe. Blouse with Jumper, Blouse with Skirt, or Jumper alone. This is such an adorable jumper, I hope I learn to resize very soon so that I can try my hand at this pattern! ^_^ 

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VPS: Butterick 7243

Butterick 7243
Bolero and Princess Dress
Size: 14
Bust: 32
Copyright: Unknown – 1950’s?


Pert and pretty partners that make a wonderful fashion combination anytime, anywhere. Pop on the contrasting bolero for chilly temperatures or a covered-up look. Solo in the young profile princess with sunburst neckline.

I really enjoy this style of dress. There is just something about the shape of it that makes me weak in the knees. ^_^ The pattern shows the dress being made in four panels that extend from the bodice down to the skirt, making it look rather simple to construct. Once I figure out how to reshape and size the patterns to fit me correctly, I will definitely be making this dress.

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Alice’s Suitcase

Alice was a wonderful woman. She was my father’s mother, and she had the kindest heart and soul. She would have gladly given the clothes off her back to help someone in need. She met my grandfather, Jerry, in 1951 on a blind date. At the time, she was training to become a nurse, and he had just been drafted in the army and was sent to Indiana. He wrote Alice many letters, one of which was addressed to Alice’s parents asking their permission to marry her. Through this correspondence, they planned a wedding and when he returned home, they got married in 1952. Alice and Jerry were married for over 53 years when Alice passed away from an aggressive form of Lupis. A few years later, Jerry followed her.

After they were married, they lived with Jerry’s parents for a while before moving into University housing and then to a rental house near the site of their future home that was being built. After their third child was born, they moved into their new home and spent the rest of their lives together in, what the family calls, the red house (due to the paint color). Now that they are gone, the family is left to go through memories and reminisce of times past. While going through some of my grandmother’s things, they found this suitcase and some of the following: 2 evening clutches, 2 hats, and one handkerchief which is thought to have belonged to Alice’s mother before her. Along with these, a Singer Dress Marker, and a black cocktail dress with a matching belt were found.


When they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, their original wedding attire was put on dressforms and displayed for guests. Below my grandmother’s wedding dress were her shoes, which were turned into a silk flower arrangement. I have those shoes now, and every time I look at them, I am reminded of the day she wore them, and how excited and happy she must have been.

So this is for you, grandmother and grandfather. Where ever you are, I hope you are happy, and I hope you are together. ^_^

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VPS: The American Weekly 9262

Along with the other patterns in my grandmother’s stash, I found several of these patterns published by The American Weekly. They were mailed to her. According to this website, the information in the metered postage says that this pattern is from the 1950’s, but no specific year was given. It seems that a popular way for homemakers to order patterns back then was through mail orders in magazines. Other popular designers of the era included Marian Martin and Anne Adams. There really aren’t that many great pattern history websites out there, this is the only one I was able to dig up so far, but I’ll keep looking. If you have a favorite place to get info on old patterns, please leave me a comment and let me know! Now, onto the pattern.

The American Weekly 9262
Blouse and Jumper
Size: 14
Copyright: Unknown


Not much information given on pattern. No description of garments. A total of 12 printed pattern pieces, 6 for the blouse and 6 for the jumper. Only information really given introduces “new improved printed pattern.” Postage on envelope says 1 1/2 cents. . .but no date. Pattern belonged to a Carol Kurilo and seemed to have been leant to Alice. Above “American Weekly” on envelope, it reads, “contents-merchandise postmaster: this parcel may be opened for postal inspection if necessary, return poatage guaranteed.” And yes, poatage was typed on the envelope.