Ditty Bag and Business Card Wallets

I have been busy trying to get some more items sewn for my Etsy shop. I have been very fond of patterns from Michelle at Keyka Lou Patterns. She has a great shop at Keyka Lou Patterns as well as her Etsy shop Keyka Lou Etsy. Here are some of the latest items that I have sewn from her patterns.










It’s coming!

I am so excited! Ysolda Teague’s new book, Little Red in the City is on its way! It has been released as an eBook and the print edition is in the mail as we speak! I am so excited to get this one chalk full of sweater patterns, notes, and other goodies on knitting. I think the first thing I will make is Angostura to ease me in, and then build my way up to my favorite pattern, Melia. I love the hood!

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School’s out Forever!


I have finished my Bachelors in Business degree and I am done with school! The next step? Finishing my business plan and working on my business! Hopefully I will have more time to get to the blog! I want to start knitting and sewing some more, so I should be putting up some great projects to show and tell.


Yoga Bag

I have just started to take Yoga classes and have been thinking about the best way to carry my mat to class with me. So far I have it narrowed down to two options, knit or sewn. The first picture is a free downloadable pattern from Amy Butler called the Nigella Yoga Bag. It looks promising and I can tailor it to include a cellphone pocket, and maybe a pocket for bottled water.

The other option is a felted yoga bag from the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I saw a picture of this made out of malabrigo and it was inspiring. Here is a different picture to give you an idea.

Courtesy of Upandatom from Ravelry

I’m really looking forward to making one of these after school ends. I will be graduating with my Bachelors in Business at the end of May. That will give me some time to find my yarn or fabric.
I would love to hear from you on what you would do or have done with a yoga bag!


Portland Yarn Crawl 2011

Yesterday I participated in the 2011 Portland Yarn Crawl. It was a blast! There were a total of 20 shops that were on the shops list, and I hit about 7 of them. Below are some pictures of me and my crew chilling in front of the stores. Each picture will direct you to the shops website. Enjoy!

The Naked Sheep Knit Shop
Close Knit
Yarn Garden
Happy Knits
Make One