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Kre8tiv Kwickie – Stampin’ Scrub

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share a quick tip with you regarding the Stampin’ Scrub. How often do you rinse yours out?

I used to hardly ever rinse mine! I started to notice that my stamps weren’t getting completely clean. They had traces of ink residue after I cleaned them and when I stamped them (while “clean”) they still left an image behind!

By rinsing your Stampin’ Scrub pads out about once a month, depending on how often it’s used, it will keep your stamps cleaner!




3 thoughts on “Kre8tiv Kwickie – Stampin’ Scrub

  1. Thanks so much for showing how you get those pads out. I told my girlfriend that mine must be glued in, lol. I cleaned mine and was shocked how much ink was on it, and have only had it for about six months. I hadn’t even used it for that entire time. Thanks again for posting this. Maybe my stamps and blocks won’t seem so cloudy looking now!

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