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Craft Room Re-do

I had grand plans for this past weekend. My goal was to re-organize my craft room to make it more functional. However, my body’s plans were much different. I got a fever Saturday morning. It got worse as I got about half way through the re-do. But I mustered up enough energy to get it half done. 

It seemed like a cluttered, jumbled mess and I didn’t like the way it was laid out. It seemed like I had a lot of wasted spaces. I had so many shelves but I couldn’t reach half of them without a struggle, and there were some that were hidden underneath that I never used. 

That picture was taken after I had already moved a lot of stuff out of the room. The easiest was for me to organize is to start with a blank canvas. So, I commandeered Garret’s man cave as a temporary holding space for all of my stuff. 

I wanted a space where I could set up both my sewing and my card making. There’s really only one source of good light in my craft room, from the window. But I wanted two separate spaces for sewing and card making. How can I use one light source for two work areas with the furniture I already had?

I decided to move my shelf and desk combo out from the wall and line the desk up in front of the window. This would allow me to have two sides to the same desk, and easily access all of my shelves. I’m using half for cards and half for sewing. 

I was able to get everything back in my room, and out of Garret’s (thanks sweetie!) but I still don’t have it all organized yet. As soon as I do I’ll let you know how I like it. Hopefully it will work well because I really don’t want to scoot that huge shelf around again.


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