June 16th

Having a full time job and going to school is time consuming. When I get home from work, there isn’t much time to play. Mostly I have dinner, do my homework, and then go to bed. I have, however, taken two weeks off from school to re-energize so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to post and freshen things up a bit.

I haven’t been sewing lately, but I have been knitting. I’m working on a shawl called Travelling Woman from Ravelry. It’s a gorgeous pattern and is working up rather nicely. I’m very please with it so far. I’m knitting it out of my own homespun, merino/silk. Mmm, beautiful turquoise blue color, it’s gorgeous.

Other than that, I am also planning my October wedding. Things are finally starting to come along. The dress is done, bridesmaids are done, cake is done, pictures, officiant, location, and caterer are all done. Just a few things left to do. I can’t wait!


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