Time. . .where art thou?

I have been so busy lately with the new job, I haven’t had a lot of “me” time. I used to have lots of time when I worked part time and when Matt was at work. Now that he is recovering from knee surgery, he is home all the time. I love it, but it is really hard to get any alone time anymore.

There are a few projects that I have been wanting to get finished as well as start! There are a few quilts in the queue, as well as some side projects like pillows for the couch, clothing for me, and gifts for other people. I am also trying to finish up my knitting projects. In the works right now I have my Wicked sweater, a pair of two at a time magic loop socks from homespun, and a miriage of other projects sitting in a tub waiting. . . *_*

I also have a lot of blogging that I would love to keep up with. . . the VPS, I wanted to start a scarf series, and just a mish mash of other projects and events. . .


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