New Job

I have been run ragged the last few weeks. I recently left my job at the fabric store for a full time data entry position. I’ve been with the new job for about a week and a half and so far I really enjoy it. It’s just a temporary position, but there is a possibility to be hired after three months. The extra income is very much welcome and needed, though I do miss all of the creativity from the fabric shop.

So readers, I apologize for my lack of posting lately, but it’s not easy being busy. ^_^ However, I do think that I tend to get more done than I used to. When I had a lot of free time, I would spend most of it sitting on the couch or playing games, or being online. Now, most of my evenings consist of making dinner after work, doing laundry and dishes, doing homework for my online classes, and whatever time is left I either sew, or try to get in some blalking time. (Blog Stalking) ^_^

So, hopefully I will be able to sew some projects and post the pictures, but for now, I might be confined to my VPS posts for a bit, but no worries, I love posting those! I’ll try to get to them more often.


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