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VPS: Advance 5190

Another vintage pattern for the VPS (Vintage Pattern Series).

Advance 5190

Sun Dress and Bolero
Size: 16
Bust: 34
Hip: 37
Copyright: Unknown – Late 40’s?


This pattern has no description printed on the envelope, or in the instructions. It looks as though all pattern pieces are factory cut, and while there are no printed lines, or words on the pieces, there are letters stamped out of circles on each one.



This pattern is lovely. There are a total of 12 pattern pieces to this dress. I love the way the bodice turns down in the front, I think it gives it a nice, summery look. There isn’t much else that I can say about this one since there wasn’t an actual description in the pattern. Although, throughout the envelope and the directions, this sentence is repeated: “All our patterns are cut accurately for size and conform to the measurements recommended by the Bureau of Standards of the U.S. Department of Commerce.”

So, who does the measuring at the Department of Commerce? I guess back then the ‘norm’ was pretty small hips and tiny waists. I was reading through the sizes, and even though the pattern is printed as a size 16, (which, btw, is what I am considered in today’s measurements) the measurements for a 16 on this pattern are Bust: 34, Waist: 28, & Hip: 37. How did these sizes ever get pushed so far out to what they are today?

I’m what some would call a full figured woman, although I don’t think of myself as such. I was just reading an article over at ModCloth titled “Sizes of the Times: Part I.” It is a very interesting read, I recommend you check it out. (Plus the adorable modern-vintage inspired clothing and shoes! My wishlist would not stop growing!) I’ll be posting an outfit from my wishlist item soon.



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