First of Vintage Pattern Series: Simplicity 2572

You may remember the mysterious pattern box that I was lucky enough to receive the other day?

Well, I’ve finally been able to go through them and look at all of the fabulous-ness within! It is so much fun to open up the envelopes and smell the old paper. . . it really takes me back to when my grandmother was still alive and I would watch her sew or cook. Her name was Alice, we share the same middle name. I always thought that made us even closer than normal. ^_^

Being able to go through all of her old patterns and see what she wore really is an amazing experience. I have gone through some of her old photos and adore some of the pieces that she made. I wish I would have been able to get to this phase in my life while she was still around, but at least I have these to remember her by.

So, to start off a new series, I will be posting one pattern every few days. The first pattern is a random pull from the box. I will show the front and the back of the pattern, as well as post some brief info about what the pattern’s description says, size, etc.

Simplicity 2572
Waist 24
Hip 33
Copyright 1948


Misses’ Skirt: The skirt is styled with a fitted yoke over the hip which joins to a waistband. A soft flare, seamed at either side, is released from the yoke.

Pattern includes – Primer with illustrated instructions for alterations, cutting and sewing.


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