Vintage Style

I have been getting the Vintage bug lately. More and more lately I have been seeing a lot of vintage style dresses, hairdo’s, and other things and it has been getting me thinking. I would have loved to live in the 40’s and 50’s. Now, I know nothing about this era, other than how aprons were a big hit and the hairdo’s were to die for. I’ve been surfing the net in search for vintage things and have stumbled across a few blogs I thought I would share with you.

The first one is Casey’s Elegant Musings. She is the modern-day glam girl. She has video tutorials on You Tube on how to pin-up your hair in a 40’s style, she has sewn garments and put together outfits to replicate a 40’s and 50’s style, and much more. I love reading up on her blog and getting great ideas. Her blog can be found here. In fact, after watching one of her hair how-to videos, I tried it myself and was rather pleased with my first attempt. Sorry for the bad picture. I will try to improve the hair and take a better photo later.

Another website that I have been blalking, (definition of blalking: Blog Stalking,) is Colette Patterns. These patterns are a great twist on the vintage style. I have yet to purchase a pattern, but am looming closer and closer. I don’t have a dress form which would come in super handy in sewing garments, so I might just wait until I find one until I buy a pattern. If I can wait that long. ^_^ My favorite pattern from Colette Pattern’s is the Ceylon. In fact, Casey from Casey’s Elegant Musings made this dress in a super cute green fabric.

And so, those are a few of the vintage sites I have been checking out. I am on the look out for more, so if you know of any good ones, let me know! ^_^


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