Autumn Festivities

So if any of you were with me last year around this time, you will know that I have a few traditions. The Rennaisance Faire, making Chex Mix, carving pumpkins, baking holidy cupcakes, and dressing up for Halloween. The Rennaisance Faire was a blast. I made my costume, but didn’t finish it, so instead of having the proper undergarments, I had to make due with a second-hand store dress. It worked okay for that day, but I needed to buff up my costume for Halloween. Here are a few highlights from the Ren Faire. Sorry there aren’t more photos, I forgot to put the SD card back into my camera. . . ugh.

Of course Chex Mix is always my favorite Autumn snack. I love to put in extra Chex, I use the long pretzel sticks instead of the twists, I use mixed nuts, although I think I might be changing this to just cashews, and I like to add extra seasoning. Instead of the required amount of seasonings and liquids, I usually double this amount. It makes it so much better. ^_^ I also prepare it in the microwave instead of the oven. Six minutes total, stirring every two minutes and lay out on a sheet pan and papertowels to cool. It’s much faster, and tastes just as good!

Chex Mix

Our pumpkins turned out way cute this year. Matt decided to use the template that came with the carving tools, while I decided to do a little free-style. It didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped, but it was still cute. I used one of the flat carving tools to scrape away the outer flesh of the pumpkin, revealing the pulp interior. The light was able to shine through, but only just and it needed to be very dark in order to see the design.

Glimpse of my Design

Both Pumpkins


Lit Pumpkins

The cupcakes will come in another post, followed by my updated Halloween costume. Stay tuned for a new sewing pattern as well! ^_^


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