Second Prize has NOT been claimed. Onto another ticket!

There was a mistake on my part. I thought someone had the second ticket, but it was a false alarm! So this ticket number is for the second prize, the 8 oz of fiber! And after this there is still one more prize!

And the number is. . . 7918255

You have 3 days to contact me at


If you have been following the raffle but have not won a prize, please hang on to your ticket! If you visit my Etsy shop and purchase anything between now and June 30, I will give you 15% off your item! Just enter your raffle ticket code into the notes to seller at checkout and I will refund you the difference via paypal.

Again, thank you so much for playing!

^_^ Melissa
Melissa’s Kre8tions


3 thoughts on “Second Prize has NOT been claimed. Onto another ticket!

  1. Thanks for that discount Melissa! I’ve been going from 1 # away to 2 #s away, it’s exciting & I love checking out your site & drooling anyway so this is a bonus :-). I’m going to the hospital Tues for the pain implant trial operation . If it works, I’m back in surgery the following Tues for the permanent implant, & what am I worried about? Missing my raffle # should it come up hehe – my priorities are in order as far as I’m concerned! I’m asking my DH to bring my computer when he visits so I can check my #. I’d better be very careful to check that I’m in the surgical ward instead of being sent to the Psych ward! lol

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