Fiber Saturday at the Studio

On the fiber front, Shel let us rummage through her studio this weekend and use her equipment.  I have to admit there was much fiber fondling, but it is no use to resist when in such an enabling environment.  There were mounds upon mounds of fabulous fiber and equipment in every corner!  I couldn’t even count the spinning wheels if I tried.

This is one of her many, many fleeces.  It was gorgeous, though I cannot recall the name of it.

Here is the beauty that is STASH.  So jealous. . .

Shel and Mo doin’ their thing.  (This picture doesn’t even do her studio justice.  Sooo many other cool things.  Not enough time for all of it.)

So, here’s the FWP, (Fleece Washing Process).  First, you have the fleece.  Next, wash it per whatever directions suit your needs.  Let it dry, dry, dry!  It would be very dissapointing to discover a moldy fleece!  And if you are so lucky as to know someone so kind as to let you use all of the equipment at her disposal, then you would be using a Picker such as this:

This lovely piece of machinery takes the fleece in its lock form and opens it up like a big cloudy of fluffy goodness and gets rid of some of the debris along the way.  Thus aptly named the “picker” for picking out the nasties.  This step thusly results in this mass of fluff:

That mass belongs to Michele, Sue’s and mine was a white color.  See how wonderfully full it is?  Next would be the drum carder. . .mmmm, drum carders. . . *drool*  This expensive yet very functional piece of machinery is a must for any fiber producing fool.  This made the carding of the wool so quick!

And so after Sue and I had carded our fleece, we rolled our batts into little logs that looked something like this:

Can’t wait to spin this fibery goodness.  After being in Shel’s studio, I was inspired to do some washing and carding of my own.  Of course my facilities aren’t nearly as nice nor do I have anywhere near the resources, but I made do.  My green Targhee locks that I bought from Etsy.

Then on to the hand carders. . .so much work. . .

And so that concludes our FWP for today.  Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to leave those wonderful comments or suggestions!


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