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FIBER, fiber, and more. . .fiber.

Wow. . .it has been a long day.  There is nothing better than a day out with the girls, the wind in our hair, and our fiber falling out of the trunk of the car.  My spinning group went to Aurora today to visit the Fibre Sale that was going on, and boy did we find some finds. 

We started by walking around, searching high and low for good deals.  We walked the whole floor before any money was exchanged, though there were mental lists forming.  The first of my purchases was at a wonderful and colorful booth.

Sue and I found a wonderful deal!  We found a 5 lb ?Romney? fleece for $20!  So we split the cost, and will go through the process of washing/carding/and spinning it soon.

Mo found a spinning wheel that she left with.  It’s going to be a great wheel for her to ply long lengths of yarn onto.

We completely filled the car to the brim!  It was so squished by the time we left, we barely all fit!

But we did have to make a stop at Pacific Wool and Fiber in Dundee, and they were actually open this time!  So many times we have stopped during their business hours and they have been closed.  But we found some great fibers.

As soon as we got back to town, we unloaded the car.  It was so full, things were bursting out!

So we went up to the third floor of the Boersma’s building and set up camp.  Everyone had their wheels out, and we finally got Maria on her feet.  She was so excited, as were we all!

And so, that brings this adventure to a close.  Until next time, and next post, Au Revoir!



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