Ribbed Lace Hat

So I made my ribbed lace hat to match my ribbed lace bolero that I made from a pattern at  I love it!  It fits really well and I used the same yarn as my bolero, Dream in Color Classy in Ruby River.  Here are a few pictures!  I improvised this design, but I might put it up later if there is any interest.

Ribbed Lace HatRibbed Lace Hat 2

Ribbed Lace Hat 3 

And that’s my hat!  I’ll post some bolero pics soon. . .I have to find the right outfit first.  😉  I think I’ll try to finish up some UFO’s before I begin anything else though.


2 thoughts on “Ribbed Lace Hat

  1. How cute! Love the texture of this lace hat…very nice. I made the Porom hat recently, the one by Jared Flood. That one’s also a lacey hat. You can check it out on my blog!

    1. Thank you for your comment! ^_^ I will check out the Porom hat. I also just bought Ysolda Teague’s hat and mitten set, Cairn. It’s so cute can’t wait to make it! ^_^

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