I’m on Etsy!

For all of you who have seen my homespun and have wished it was yours to do as you please with, now’s your chance to get in on the action!

 I have opened my very own Etsy store at  There you can view some of my homespun novelty yarns and fingerless mits that I have for sale!  Here are a few pictures to wet your appetites!

fingerless mits 1

fingerless mits 2

homespun natural novelty 1

homespun dyed novelty 1

homespun dyed novelty 2

Now, these next pictures are items that are NOT for sale.  I just want to share the beautimous yarn that I homespun from a pre-dyed roving.

homespun 1

homespun 2

And the roving that I just got today.  It’s a beautiful sunset.


That’s all for now!  It’s such a gorgeous day out, I think I might go outside to spin!


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