Cookies, Homespun, and Yarn Dyeing, Oh My!

Let the fun begin!  I started the day off with some cookies.  They are Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip. . .okay, I cheated and bought a tube of it, which only made 10 cookies, but each one was delicious.


Then I took my Homespun yarn off my wheel and wound it onto my niddy noddy.

Niddy Noddy Homespun

I prepared my Landscapes dye, turquoise and purple.

Landscapes Dye

I washed my yarn with Soak.

Washing Yarn with Soak

I layed out some newspaper, then a towel, then some syran (sp?) wrap, my yarn, and my dyes, and then I prayed and prepared to dye.

Prepare to Dye

I squirted those dye bottles like there was no tomorrow, leaving no piece of yarn undyed.  Then I rolled up the yarn in the wrap, and prepared to steam.


In my steaming adventures, I accidently walked away for too long, and my water had steamed all away, and my pot sort of melted to my burner. . .make sure there is plenty of water and never, never walk away.  All was well, except my yarn didn’t steam for the proper 20-30 minutes like it was supposed to.  But, never the less, it still came out pretty well.

Dyed Yarn

And then I expiremented with Kool-Aid dyeing.  It turned out to be much simpler, although my fingers are much more stained.

Kool-Aid Prep

Same basic steps.  Wash yarn in mild soapy water, dye yarn (this time by submerging in water with kool aid and microwaving), rinse and dry.

Kool-Aid Homespun

And voila!  More pictures to come once the yarn has dryed.


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