Updated Photos!

So I wrote about the Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag, but I didn’t show you any pictures!  How dare I?  Or me. . .?  Anyway, here are some photos.

Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag Front

This is the front of the bag.  How pretty?  I forget what the name of the fabric is, but it’s a decorator weight by Michael Miller I believe.  I love it, it looks like peacock feathers I think.  It came in purple and blue and I had a hard time deciding which one to get, but I ultimately went with purple. 

Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag Inner Front

So here’s the inside of the bag.  It has two front pockets which are very nice for sunglasses, keys and cell phone.  They are very deep which is also good.

Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag Inside

And here’s the inside of the bag.  It has a zippered pocket, and on the tool pocket a large enough slot for the Amy Butler Notebook and pen slots.  The lining is a green demask, heavyweight fabric, I believe this is Michael Miller too.

Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag Back

This is the back of the bag, it has a zippered pocket as well.  There are a total of three zippered pockets, the third is on the bag flap on the front.  I haven’t really found that one useful as of yet, so if you are making it, you might want to omit that one. . .But it was fun to put together after all of the tedious cutting. . .I put 10oz duck canvas as the interlining to make it sturdier, and I put velcro on it instead of the magnetic snap incase I want to use it as a laptop bag.  It’s pretty heavy duty.

Now onto my spinning wheel!

I got an Ashford Joy spinning wheel as a result of saving money from my birthday and christmas.  And here it is!

Ashfor Joy Spinning Wheel

There are two full bobbins on that I still need to ply.  I already tried to navajo ply my first bobbin. . .that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.  But maybe I can use it in a felted project.  I still have to dye it though.

Home Spun

It kinda reminds me of rope. . .

Jordanna Paige Satchel

And here’s my Jordanna Paige Satchel.  I got it for my birthday, and I absoluetly love it!  I just need to learn not to cram too many projects into it at any one time.

And last but not least, my socks. . .or sock, that is.  Made from Noro sock yarn, I have begun the gussetts.

Heel Flap 1


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